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Fifth Third Bank which was initially known to be the Bank of the Ohio Valley had begun in 1858. In 1908, it changed its name to Fifth Third Bank after merging Fifth Nations Bank and Third National Bank. It is an enormous bank in the States of America with over 1,150 branches throughout the country.

In this article, we shall illustrate the steps on ‘How to Activate Fifth Third Bank at page. So get through this page till the end.

Fifth Third Bank Cards:

Before moving to the activation process let us look at the remarkable deals offered by the bank with the various benefits of cards to its users. Below are the card types that users can apply and activate to get their benefits.

Debit Cards:

  • Gold Debit Card
  • Professional Debit MasterCard
  • World Debit Card MasterCard
  • Access 360 Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card

Credit Cards:

  • Truly Simple Credit Card
  • TRIO Credit Card
  • Secured Card
  • Stand Up to Cancer Credit Card

Once you get the new card (debit or credit) there are assorted elements for the procedure that are quite similar without much regard to the region that you are assigning them.

So before wielding the cards for any payments like bill payments, shopping, or any other transactions the first thing you need to do is to activate your card before use.

The card activation at the page is very vital as the verification of the recipient is required to wield the card.

In order to learn the method to activate the Fifth Third card online, browse through this page below to get your answer.

How to do Fifth Third Card Activation by using

A few of the things that have been stated below must be needed to activate the Card:

  • A device with a strong internet network
  • A new Fifth Third debit or credit card
  • Your Personal details

The Bank offers two ways to activate Fifth Third cards.

  1. To activate online through its website
  2. To activate over the Phone 

Let us look into these methods in detail below.

1. How to activate the Fifth Third Card by using the web page

The steps needed to be performed are:

Step1: Firstly from your preferred internet browsing site go to the page.

Step2: Now on the page of activation, select the button on ‘Activate Card’. It will prompt you to the next following screen.

Step3: Next, on this page, you must enter your User ID and the Password in the provided box.

Step4: Make sure to fill it with the correct user information and once done, hit the logic option and it will take you to the next screen.

Step5: On the next screen, it will display the required prompts that are to be followed in order to finish the Fifth Third card process of activation.

Note: In case you forgot the User ID or Passwords, then you can easily obtain it by simply clicking on the ‘Forgot User ID or Forgot password’ tab and then following the prompts on the screen.

2. How to do Fifth Third Card Activation over the Phone

In case you face any difficulty through the Online method then you can simply go for this method to activate.

  • At first, keep all the card details in hand before dialing to the activation phone number as they may ask you for a few details in order to verify the account as the legal owner of your Fifth Third card
  • In the next step, dial the Fifth Third card activation phone number at 800 621 2554 for assistance.
  • Once they answer back, you must follow the prompts on-call in order to get connected with the customer support representative.
  • Now, the rep will guide you throughout the procedure and may enquire about your card information and personal details so as to verify you as the lawful holder of the card.
  • Once the verification is done successfully, the card will get activated by its agent.

The above mentioned are the steps that are to be followed to activate the Fifth Third card online or by Phone.

To learn how to apply for my new Fifth Third Card (credit or debit) then follow the steps below.

How to Apply for Fifth Third Debit Card

The Fifth Third Bank offers an expanse of debit cards for both business and individual users. It comes up with various benefits. So you must decide which is more preferable to you as per your provision and then you can simply go for applying for that specific debit card.

Here are the points to be followed in order to apply for the Fifth Third debit card:

Step1: Visit weblink through your computer or phone and navigate to its homepage.

Step2: Next, in the homepage screen, select the ‘Bank’ tab, which is situated on the left side of the screen. A drop-down list will appear on the screen.

Step3: Now, from the list, select the ‘Debit Card’ option. It will take you to the next page.

Step4: On this page, a list of the various Fifth Third debit cards that are available will be shown to you. Go through its card details in order to learn which will suit you best as per the requirements.

Step5: Once the choice is done, hit on that specific card on which you wish to apply for and it will direct you to the following screen.

Step6: Here options will be provided to you to apply as: ‘CALL at 800 972 3030’ or ‘FIND A BRANCH’. You can select either of the options.

  • On clicking the option ‘FIND A BRANCH’, here you will be prompted to the page where you must enter the State or City, ZIP Code in the given box and tap the ‘FIND’ button. Now, you just follow the prompts on your screen to complete the Fifth Third debit card process application.
  • On clicking the option, to apply through ‘Call’, you need to call the provided number and then follow the prompts on your screen to finish the procedure on the application.

Step7: Once your verification of the application is done successfully, the required Fifth Third debit card will be given to you.

How to Apply for Fifth Third Credit Card

To apply on a Fifth Third credit card, the instructions to be followed are:

Step1: To start, first go to the page through your desired web browser on the computer and navigate to its Fifth Third homepage.

Step2: Next, hit the option on ‘Bank’ on the homepage which is situated on the left side of the screen. A pop-up list will appear.

Step3: From the list, select the tab on ‘Credit Cards’. It will direct to the following page.

Step4: In the next step, a form will be given to you where you must enter the required details such as:

  • Are you one of the existing Fifth Third Customers?
  • Are you a resident or citizen of the US with an SSN
  • Enter Offer Code (if there is any)

Step5: On providing the information, hit the button on ‘Continue’ and then follow the instructions on-screen to finish the application procedure for the Fifth Third credit card.

Once the verification of the details along with the credit eligibility is finalized, the Fifth Third credit card will be furnished to you.

That’s all on activation of the Fifth Third card and we hope, now you can easily perform the Fifth Third card activation process at by following the above-mentioned steps in order to use the card for making any form of transactions.

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