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Are you looking for an Ooma activation process? This page will surely guide you on Ooma activate strategy.

Ooma is a device that is wielded to provide communication aids such as VoIP for residents, business calls, and also for smartphone users. It is named as one of the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s fast prospering private firms situated in the Silicon Valley.

So in order to achieve the benefits of the services you are required firstly to activate the Ooma account on having fresh Ooma Telo equipment with you. Presently, if you desire to activate Ooma then you need to go to the www.ooma.com/activate page. It simply takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete the process.

Pick the phone number and after that set the 911 service to create the Ooma account in the process of activation.

Listed are some of the things which you need in order to activate the Ooma account such as:

  • Ooma system
  • A reliable debit card that has been issued in Canada or United States.
  • A valid address in Canada or United States

Throughout the activation process, you must search on how high is the local fees and taxes per month, and when you sign in for the extra Ooma features then how much you must pay as an Ooma activation fee.

How to activate Ooma telo online at office ooma.com/activate

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. To begin with, first, start your computer and then launch the regular web browsing site on it.
  2. In the next step, visit http://www.ooma.com/activate 
  3. Now, you will be prompted to the activation screen. Here you must enter the code of activation which consists of 7 digits. Remember that the activation code is placed below the unit.
  4. Next, once you fill the code in the provided box, hit the button on ‘Next’.
  5. Then, simply go through the instructions on your screen and then enter the remaining details like contact number, details, billing information, and service address.

After the completion of the procedure, ultimately your device has been activated.

Wrapping Up:

After performing the step of activation then you will be prompted to plug in the Ooma system.

In case you wish to reactivate the earlier operated Ooma system, you need to realize that the activation is already done. The only thing you must do is to activate or update your information and details.

To know if the Ooma device has been initiated earlier then navigate to http://ooma.com/activate and further look for it. Enter your activation code and then contact the Ooma Customer Service team so as to go through the details of the device in case it has been activated already. One time reactivate charge needs to be made at the same time 2 month free trial will be applied in the Ooma account.

There is one more mode to activate the Ooma telo station, you just need to get the activation code same as you did earlier which is located in the Ooma station device. Further, go to the myooma.com/activate page and then fill in the activation code. Here you are required to set up the Ooma account. A confirmation email with a code will be sent to you which activates the device and thereby the process gets completed.

Hence, we hope by now you have learned to successfully activate the Ooma account through hhtp://www.ooma.com /activate and all organized to enable the Ooma services.

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