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Got your Mercury Credit Card and now looking at how to activate it? Then you have stopped at the right page.

But before moving to the activation process let us first look at a brief about what actually is a Mercury Credit Card. So, this credit card is the Mastercard granted by the First Bank & Trust to the consumers to purchase or make any payments where the card gets approved.

The Mercury Card is organized under the group of middle-tier credit cards where the users are required to have only an average credit figure to be qualified or eligible.

Once you get the card, to wield it for payments or making purchases the first thing you must do is to activate the card at

On this page, we will illustrate ‘How to Activate Mercury Card’ through the page. Read this page till the end.

How to do Mercury Card Activation

Here we shall discuss three ways through which you can easily activate your Mercury Credit Card.


Step1: Firstly, go through your preferred web browser and visit today page from the computer, tablet, or phone.

Step2: Next, you will be asked to ‘Sign In’ to the Mercury account on the activation page by entering your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ of the Mercury Account.

Step3: Fill the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the given field and click the tab on ‘Sign In’.

Step4: Then, simply follow the prompts that appear on-screen when you get logged in to the account so as to complete the process of activation.

Note: Forgot Username or Password:

If in any case, you failed to remember the Mercury Account ‘Username’ or ‘Password’ then you must tap or hit on:

  • ‘Forgot your username’ tab (If you don’t recall the username)
  • ‘Forgot your password’ tab (If you can’t recall the password).

Next, simply follow the instructions on-screen that are prompted to finish the activation procedure.


The other way to activate is:

  • Go to the page from your PC, phone, or tablet.
  • Click on ‘Activate my card’ tab either from the box of ‘Sign In’ or from various boxes that indicates option like Respond to Mail Offer, Make a Payment, or Activate My Card
  • Then select the option on ‘Activate My Card’
  • Now, you will be prompted to the next page, where they will ask you to enter details like- The New Card Number, the Last four(4) numbers of the SSN, Birth Year, and Month.

Note: Be ready with the Mercury Credit Card while performing the activation steps as you may need it to fill in some of the details and information of the credit card.

  • Next, select the button on ‘Proceed’ once you fill in the required details.
  • Then, it will direct you to the next page where you must follow the instructions needed further.
  • Thus, once you completely follow the instructions prompted on-screen, the Mercury Credit Card will get activated and then you can wield the card to purchase or in making payments.


In case, you face any difficulty activating the card by the above two methods, then you can go for this third method i.e to contact the Mercury card customer service by the following steps:

  • At first through your desired web browser visit from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Now, in the page of activation, scroll down and reach the below of the displaying page and click on the ‘FAQ’ option. It will take you to the following page.
  • Next, go through the FAQ queries to get the answer or solution to the concerned query.
  • If this too won’t help, then move to the bottom of the page of activation and click the tab on ‘Contact Us
  • In the ‘Contact Us section, you will get different options for assistance to get help for the issue you are facing.
  • Through these steps, you can get assistance and guidance from the customer support service of Mercury card.

Final Say:

Hence, the above-mentioned methods are the way through which you can easily activate the Mercury Credit Card by using to make any purchase or payments from your card. The only thing you must note is to be careful while entering the details of the card. For any further assistance feel free to contact the Mercury Credit Card Customer Support team.

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