How to activate a USAA Debit Card?

Activation Number: +1-864-538-6511

Are you looking for ways to activate USAA Debit cards? Then this is the right platform where you will find answers to all your questions related to USAA debit card activation.

In this article, you will get the different methods to activate your Debit as well as Credit Cards using the link

There are no such hard and fast rules to activate the card. You will find here the easy steps to complete the activation process.

Methods to Activate the Debit Card of USAA

If you applied for a new card, possibly the time taken to reach the new debit card to your doorstep is 7 – 10 working days. Those cardholders are overseas then the delivery will be longer than usual which might take up to 21 working days. There is also a status checker to track the estimated time of your card arrival.

There are two ways to activate the card that you receive through the mail.

  • Activating the USAA Debit Card Online via
  • Debit Card Activation or USAA over the phone.

1. Can I activate the USAA Debit Card Online?

Hopefully, the answer is Yes you can activate it by following the below-mentioned steps.

You might know with the help of Debit Cards what benefits the cardholder gets to enjoy. You can purchase money as this card is accepted everywhere.

We will point out a few of the offers provided to users who use the card:-

  • Reward
  • Easy transaction if you do not carry cash.
  • Free Credit points after making payments.
  • Cashback etc.

Let’s proceed to the steps to activate your Debit Card.

  1. Visit the website of USAA:

    Firstly, click on the URL of USSA.

  2. Click the “Member Access” option:

    Unless you activate the prepaid card you cannot access spending and make payments. So tap on the ”member access” option to proceed to the screen.

  3. Tap the Login tab:

    You will be required to enter the user id and password to mark your entry to the activation page. Once you entered your login details correctly you can tap the “Log in” tab.

  4. Tap on the My Accounts option:

    Now hit the option “My accounts” this will open the account page.

  5. Choose the option to activate the Card:

    Next, choose the option ”Activate Debit Card”.  After that hit on the option “yes I want”.

  6. Go through the instructions as asked:

    Once you tap the Activate button, you need to follow the on-screen steps to complete the further steps. After this, your card will be activated.

2) How to activate the USAA Debit card over the phone?

USAA Debit Card Activation Over Phone Number You can activate the USAA Debit Card over the phone. You can’t make any payments unless the physical card received through the mail is activated beforehand.

If the card arrives with an activation sticker then you need to activate the card.

Here are the steps involved to activate the Debit Card via Phone:-

  1. Dial the Customer Number of USAA:
    Call at -201-531-8722 to get in touch with the executive team.
  2. Carefully listen to the instructor:
    Once your phone is answered carefully follow the instructions of the chatbot and the automated menu will instantly ask “activate my credit card.
  3. Give your details:
    Details such as Membership Number, extending the expiry date of your card, and also the security code.

The card will be activated and ready to use.

Credit card users can contact at -800-411-4300.
The debit cards call at 800-315-4906.

Do you know you can activate the card at ATM?

Yes, you can, just provide the PIN at the ATM and activate the card. You need to use the USAA Locator to avoid any fees charged.

There is a list of withdrawal limits after activating the debit card:

  • ATM withdrawals limited to $600 in a single day for ATM
  • Debit cards have a limit of withdrawals is $1,000 per a day.
  • If the purchase is signature-based $3,000 for a day.
  • If PIN-based purchases on the debit are $3,000.

Why did the Debit Card decline after having the card?

Sometimes you have full money which is enough for the installment but the payment cannot proceed.

  • Because you might exceed the withdrawal limit.
  • The card is blocked by the issuer.
  • The payment exceeds the transaction limit.


Hence, the above methods will guide you in activating the Debit Cards of USAA.

If you find the methods not satisfactory then contact the customer service and ask for assistance.

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