How To Activate PayPal Card,

How To Activate PayPal Card

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Paypal is the most ideal approach to send, and get cash and transactions can be done online as the card is acknowledged everywhere. The Paypal card is accessible as credit, prepaid, or debit cards.

Nowadays, people are getting advanced in various fields. Like in earlier days people use cash such as make payment withdrawals and send money orders and use to wait in long queues. Nevertheless, today you favor using an online trade that isn’t hard to get to.

How to activate the PayPal Prepaid card?

To make the payments quicker the Paypal app that you need. You simply need to arrange the card and will get it through the mail at your home. 

You may think about how to activate the PayPal card as you don’t know about advances. 

We are here to assist and guide you with the guidelines.

Via online

Prepaid cards should be stacked with money as it’s not connected with the financial account i.e the bank account. 

Follow the means referenced:-

  • Firstly, go to the website to activate through the PC.
  • The homepage will show on your screen. Presently hit the tab “activate your Card Account here”.
  • Then continue to enter your card number correctly.
  • Now enter the CVV number situated at the rear of your card. 
  • Hit the Continue tab.
  • Furnish your data identified with the record while you fill out the form.
  • Then, you need to make a PIN of 4-digit. Try to note down the pin for future reference.
  • Choose the Continue tab and click on it.
  • After finishing the above advance, you should follow the means shown on your screen to finish the activation process.
  • You can now use the card for transaction purposes.

Offline method

If you are a new user and do not possess a laptop or pc for activating the card then offline is the option for you.

Dial the contact number (866) 753-6440,  and reach the customer executive and ask to activate the card.

How do I activate my PayPal debit card?

When you do not carry cash while shopping you can use the PayPal debit card.

Follow the steps mentioned:-

  1. Sign in to the PayPal account

    Most importantly, tap the login button to enter the PayPal account. Visit the site at to activate the card utilizing the login credentials you used to enroll for the PayPal account. At that point, you will land in the My Account section.

  2. Click the PayPal link

    Presently you need to tap the mentioned link so that your Paypal account can be activated. As there are a considerable amount of links available that might be befuddling. Visit the official page of Paypal at first so that you can begin the process of activation.

    For business debit cards, tap the link available on your PayPal screen. Essentially tap the link PayPal Debit Card, then move to the summary page Debit MasterCard. The list of cards attached to the account will show on your screen.

    On the off chance that you discovered problems getting to the account card initiation page then  tap the option “Next Steps.”

  3. Hit the Activate option

    You will catch a glimpse of all the cards which are related to your account. The primary credit card will be blinked at the top of the other linked cards. The other cards shown on the list will be the Secondary card.

    You will see the name of the approved record, and the debit card’s last four-digit. Likewise, there will be some other data identified with the record’s withdrawal and expiring date. Below these you will find the activation tab, just hit on the button and you will be all set.

  4. Backup the Settings

    Eventually, do make the backup for your settings. As it is very essential to enable the backup settings for the payment you made which will be helpful for security reasons.

    The setting will support you with making exchanges, shopping on the web, or paying somebody when you don’t have cash. PayPal will not use the debit card but the backup set will handle the exchange utilizing the option.

    If you operate some sort of an online enterprise. At that point having a PayPal card makes life simpler. As selling or purchasing something on the web would be simpler. The PayPal MasterCard ensures that you generally have money.

How long does it take to activate the Paypal Prepaid Card?

If you have applied for the PayPal prepaid card you need to wait for a week or more to reach the card at your doorstep through the mail. If you have already received the card but have not yet activated then follow the procedure mentioned above for activating the card. Once you click the activate button you can directly use the card.

How Can I activate automatic payment on PayPal?

An automatic payment approves dealer charges you when you purchase or buy on their site without logging in to the PayPal account. This is set up as the principal checkout with the dealer. The particulars of the approval will be accessible in your PayPal account.

Automatic Payments on App: 

  1. Hit the Settings button.
  2. Then proceed by clicking the Automatic Payments tab.
  3. Choose the Dealer.
  4. Here you can add Paypal as the payment mode.
  5. You can sign in to a PayPal account and type the OTP only once.
  6. While purchasing you can skip OTP for all future purchases with that dealer.

Automatic Payments through the website:

  1. Tap the Settings option.
  2. Then hit the Payments tab.
  3. Now choose Manage Automatic Payments and then choose the dealer.
  4. After that type the details of your credit card and skip the OTP for future purchases.

How to change inactive to active pre-approved payments on PayPal?

Follow the steps of instructions mentioned below:-

  1. First and foremost, tap the Log in option to enter the PayPal account. 
  2. Then, hit on the Gear tab.
  3. After that proceed to hit the Payments option.
  4. Now, choose the “Manage pre-approved payments” and then click on it.
  5. Select the customer which you want or her to activate or reactivate the profile.
  6. Lastly, hit on the Reactivate button.

How to delete activity on Paypal?

The option PayPal’s Archive will remove your history of transactions and move your data from the Overview list to the History list. The Archive tab leads to get the view of the My Recent Activity segment and keep your withdrawals, deposits, and different exchanges for immediate reference. The History log incorporates choices to play out an essential inquiry, download your set of experiences or access your tax assessment records.

Here are the points to be followed:-

  1. Firstly, sign in to the account and then hit the “My Account” option. Choose the Overview option and get a glimpse of your recent transactions.
  2. Tick on the blank box to add Date on the My Recent Activity option to get a view of full records.
  3. Hit on Archive to remove the data and transfer it to the History tab. The My Recent Activity segment will indicate – No New Items.

Make sure to log out when you are done to keep different users from surveying your PayPal account subtleties.

How do I activate PayPal One Touch?

You need to choose the tab” Stay logged in for faster purchases” when looking at PayPal upon signing in to the account. In this case, One Touch activates for that particular gadget and program and every single qualified merchant. You can likewise go to to activate the one-touch feature.

How do I activate a PayPal prepaid card without SSN?

You cannot activate a PayPal prepaid card without SSN so it is mandatory to have an SSN to activate your card.

Is Paypal active in Kosovo?

When any country or region is not under the list of Paypal or it does not have the access to such a credit card then you cannot activate the card. Similarly, in Kosovo PayPal is not available and you cannot use those cards

Hope this article guides you with information such as – you can reactivate your inactive account, you need an SSN to activate the card, etc.

If you have any query then contact the support team and we will be available 24 hrs to assist you.

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