Activate Target Visa Gift Card

Activate Target Visa Gift Card

You can buy Target Visa Cards from Target, and afterward, utilize them at the places where Visa cards are accepted. When you make payments at the store then the cards will be activated. You might also need to enlist the card so that you can use it online or at a service station where you should have a postal division related to it.

Target Visa Card can be registered in two different ways.

If you want your Visa target card to be activated then register the card first.

Activate the target visa gift card online

  1. First and foremost, go to the site and then type the card information.
  2. Then, hit the Pay option at the Pump.
  3. Choose the Zip Code where you are using your card.
  4. Now you need to edit the zip code and type which is linked with your visa card. want

Target visa debit gift card activate via Phone

Here we will state the other way to activate the card if you do not want to proceed with the activation through online mode. You can reach customer care at 1-800-698-4952 through the phone and then assign the zip code.

On the rear side of the visa gift voucher, below you will find the number. You need to call the number.

Just dial the number and afterward go through the prompts to finish the process of registration.

These were the two different ways in which you can activate the Target Visa Debit Gift Card. Generally, it is extremely basic and simple to do.

How to access the Target Visa Gift Card after activating it?

Once you activate the card you can access it from the site But the numbers cannot be accessed through the App.

Follow the steps mentioned:-

  1. From the site, you need to tap the Account or Name option.
  2. Then choose the Gift Cards option.
  3. Search the GiftCard that you want to obtain.
  4. Now, choose the Get access number option.
  5. You will receive the number in your email from the account of

There are different cards such as Physical and Digital

  1. If you have physical gift vouchers like Mastercard, Visa, or American Express then you can be utilized at any trader that acknowledges Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. When you make payments simply present the card and confirm it by signing the receipt.  A few limitations might be applied. You cannot utilize this card for loans, transactions at ATMs, or gambling clubs. In the case of buying gas, spend inside to dodge a brief hold of assets. When utilizing your card at areas, for example, eateries, lodgings, or salons, the trader may hold an extra sum for tips or different charges.
    In seven days the hold is eliminated. Before shopping on the web, dial 1-800-698-4952 or visit the site to enroll the ZIP code. At the point when you utilize the card, the balance will be lessened by everything of the buy, including the sales tax.
    To utilize the third-party gift voucher online at, you need to type the gift voucher as the payment of credit card along with the CVV while checkout.
  2. Mastercard, Digital Visa, American Express eGift cards, and so on can be utilized online at any trader site that acknowledges Visa, American Express, or Mastercard.
    You need to choose the link, View, and Print of the eGift Card in the email of eGift. Choose the Copy Card Number to fill the card number on the dealer site. You will get the CVV on the backside of your card.
    These gift cards are to be used in stores just by adding to the Digital Wallet.
    Choose the link so that you can view the guide from the Card delivery email.
    But few cards like Visa and American Express cannot be added to the Target Wallet in the app.

Digital cards are redeemed online but you cannot load them into a digital wallet.

When you transact keep the few things in mind:-

  • On the off chance that your exchange is more than the sum on the gift voucher, you might be asked to pay from a different mode of payment.
  • Third-party gift vouchers can be utilized related to a Target GiftCard. Be that as it may, just one gift voucher can be applied toward a request, and the credit cards and third-party gift cards can’t be joined in a similar transaction.
  • A few purchases might require pre-approval. In these cases, a vendor may demand pre-approval for more than the exact sum of amount and the sum charged will indicate the sum endorsed.
  • Third-party vouchers include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift vouchers cannot be load again.

Do I have to activate the Target Visa Gift Card with the Fee?

In some cases, there is no need to pay charges for activating the gift card. But $4 is charged for Target Gift Card Visa.

If you purchase the card a one-time fee is being charged like:-

  • If the card is $25 then $4 is charged.
  • $50 card is for $5
  • $6 for the $100 card 
  • $6 for the $200. 
  • Purchase the gift cards in combos: if purchasing 3 $20 cards then $8.50 will be charged and 3 $25 cards $9 is being charged.

Hope this article will help you in activating the Visa Gift Cards. For more queries, you may contact at the above-mentioned site.

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