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Great Call is one of those platforms that enables users to employ the features to connect with their families, relatives, and friends hassle-free.

By wielding Great Call one can go for the easy and simple option on call in case of emergency. It includes the function to create signals and deliver responses whenever required.

So in order to get access to the services, you need to do is to activate the account and your device on the website page.

The activation function depends on the mobile ‘Serial Number’. The serial number is placed behind the mobile phone.

On this page, we shall guide you on ‘How to perform Great Call Activate’ to enjoy its various services. This platform primarily focuses on the senior citizens residing alone and who are in need of help. The activation can be done by other people so as to activate their Great Call account or to access the services of Great Call.

Listed below are the features a user can relish when activating the account on Great Call

  • Emergency 9-1-1 service
  • Personal Operator
  • Wellness Call
  • Health and Safety Services
  • Check Up Call
  • Safety call
  • Making a Pair
  • Enhanced GPS Location Tracking
  • Urgent Care
  • In-Home and Mobile Monitoring
  • Fall Detection

How to Activate Great Call Phone

The process of activation via has been classified in three steps

  • To gather information
  • Setting Account Online
  • Turning device ON.

Now let us look at the steps in detail below:

Step1: Gather Information:

So the first step you need to do is to gather all the essential information and data which are required for the activation procedure to get completed. Like:

  • Username
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Billing details
  • A credit card or debit card
  • Email address of the user who is going to handle the Great Call account.
  • Name and contact number of the responsible individual in case of emergency.
  • 7-digit serial number which is on the back of your device.

Step2: Setting Account Online by using

One can make the account on Great Call either Online or via contacting the Customer Support number.

The online process works through:

  1. Firstly, visit at link.
  2. Once you open the link, it will ask you to fill in the provided 7-digit serial number.  You can refer to or take the serial number which is on the back of your device.
  3. In the next step, you need to follow the prompted list of instructions to complete the account setup.
  4. Finally, hit the button on ‘Confirm’ to finish the procedure.

Step3: Switching ON the device

Follow the steps below to turn ON the device:

  • At first discard, the sticker is written ‘Do not Power On before Activating’. The sticker is on the back of your device.
  • Next, hit the button on ‘Power’ to turn the device ‘ON’.
  • Hold for a while to initiate the device appropriately.
  • Once the device has been turned ON, it would speak or display as ‘Welcome to 5Start’.
  • Now, it will say ‘Setting Up device, please wait.
  • The light at the center of the call button will glow and wink green color once the device starts working.
  • The activation process has been completed and you will get a call on the device.
  • It would ring once to check. You need to answer the call simply by pressing and then releasing the button of the call.

Hence, the above-stated steps complete the Great Call activation procedure by using So by now, you can relish the emergency call features along with safety calls, wellness calls, urgent care calls, and check-up service with full support.

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