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Rocket League Activation

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Rocket League is a soccer video game published and developed by Psyonix.

If you are fond of video games then try Rocket League on your PlayStation. For this you need to create an Epic Games account and then only it’s possible to access the gaming platform.

Looking for ways to activate Rocket League then you are on the right page.

This blog is about activating Rocket League using rocket league/, rocket league activate not working, how many active players does rocket league have and so on.

How to activate Rocket League?

You need to have your account linked to the Epic Games if you want to activate your video game (Rocket League).

Users by linking the accounts with Epic Games then have the possibility to access shared inventory, cross-platform progression, and also trading between players. Rocket League Owners was bought by Epic Games which has benefited both companies.

How to Link the Epic Games accounts and Rocket League?

The following steps need to be performed in order to activate the Rocket League:

  • Epic Games and Rocket League Account:
    Firstly, you need to create accounts for both Epic Games as well as Rocket League. Remember that the account should be valid.
  • Go to the Linking page:
    Next, visit the site of Rocket League and then proceed to the linking page of the Epic Games account.
  • Hit the Login tab:
    Once you enter the page you will notice a blue Login tab, which is present below the Epic Games tab.
  • Login or Sign up:
    New users need to create an account by tapping on the Sign-up button. If you already have an account then enter the details of Epic Games for login to the account.
  • Get the code:
    Once logged in you will receive an activation code.
  • Go to the website and enter the code:
    Click the link to epic games and type the code to activate the game.
  • Connect the accounts:
    In the next step, proceed to connect your accounts like PS4, Xbox One, Steam Nintendo Switch.
  • Select the Primary Platform:
    Hit the Next tab, and select the Primary Platform.

The Token balances will remain on both platforms, if you have selected the Primary Platform then you are not required to play from the Starting Rank, your Rank will remain the same as before, no changes will be made.

For this follow the simple steps below:

  1. Choose Yes, if you are at the Primary Platform, otherwise tap the No tab, if you want a different Primary Platform.
  2. Tap the link to choose a platform for the primary Rocket League platform for the Epic Games Account.

Lastly, the Primary Platform has been set.

If you have already linked the Epic Games to any platforms, then you are not required to do the same for Rocket League activation.

Every player needs to follow the steps to link both accounts.

How many active players does rocket league have?

It’s not easy to count the active players in Rocket League but as per reports of September 2020, Rocket League officially passed over 1 million coexisting online players.

How to activate power-ups in rocket league?

Rumble, a default matchmaking mode, standard randomised power-ups. During any game, you will receive random power-ups every 10 seconds that you can use by tapping on the key.

Rocket League activation key generator

If you have the Rocket League activation key then you can play the game online for free. This code generator is a product key that will help you without searching any crack codes for the game to download. You will get the license to play for free.

Rocket League activate not working

In some cases, though you have the activation code you cannot access the game so here are few points to fix the problem.

  • You need to rename the Rocket League folder.
  • Make sure that the game is ‘Run’ as administrator.
  • If you are using Steam then verify the gaming files and also disable the Overlay Feature.
  • Change the compatibility mode.
  • Most importantly update the drivers so that you can easily access the game.

Hence, this guide will help you to activate the game by linking with the Epic Games. If still finding issues for activation then try contacting customer executive.

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