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thePoint is termed to be a study platform where it enables the students to access the online version of the textbooks. It understands the importance of learning as it never ends and aims in catering to the requirements for professionals, teachers who are in the health sciences field, and students.

The firm ensures to craft digital findings and solutions which would support not only teachings but enables the scope of critical reasoning along with on-hand practice.

The Point extends like a bridge for the gap between clinical practice and the classroom environment. It delivers personalized service, authoritative content, etc.

The products assigned by LWW on the online platform of thePoint are mostly for instructors as well as the students.

In this platform, one can quiz themselves while reading or before reading in order to make the study time efficient and can take advantage of the aspects of interactive learning and other study tools features.

So if you got this product and need activation to access then with the use of the access code you can activate it through the page of Hereby on this page we will discuss the method on the of the LWW product by simply following the instructions mentioned below.

How to activate LWW Product by using

The steps that you need to follow to activate your LWW product are:

Step1: Visit at

To start with, go to your preferred web browser on the computer, tablet, or phone and visit the activation page at page.

Step2: Fill in the access code:

Next, on the page of activation, now you are required to fill the access code of 12-digits in the given field.

Note: If you are unable to locate the code you can find it on any of the following mentioned locations:

  • Books
  • Purchase on access card
  • Boxes of Products
  • Cards which are inside CD or DVD cases.

It is that the code probably may be wrapped inside the scratch-off region. You likely need to give a scratch on that area to find your access code.

Step3: Select the ‘Submit Code’ option:

On filling the access code, now you need to select the option on Submit Code.

Step4: Follow the instructions prompted on-screen:

In the next step, you must simply follow the instructions that are prompted on-screen so as to finish the process of activation.

Thus, performing the steps that have been stated above will surely help to activate the LWW Product by using thePoint activate page.

Bottom Lines:

Still, if you are unable to activate or face problems while performing the activation procedure then you can make a contact with the thePoint Customer Service team.

To contact thePoint customer support service you can follow the instructions that are mentioned below:

  • Firstly go to www. through your preferred internet browsing site on the computer or phone to visit the LWW activation page.
  • Then, click on the ‘Help’ button which is situated above the box on activation where you may get directed to the following screen.
  • Next, search through the FAQs of TOP 10 in order to get your answer regarding the concerns or queries.
  • If the section on FAQs seems not to be fruitful, then select the button on ‘Live Chat’ that is situated on top in the Menu Bar. It will open the small chat page on the displaying screen.
  • Now, on the chat page, you must enter some of your details and information like your Name, Email, Contact Number, Issue, Product Access Code, ISBN Number etc.
  • On providing the required details, tap the button on ‘Chat Now’.
  • At last, simply follow the instructions that are prompted on-screen in order to enable guidance from the LWW customer service teams.

Hence, this is the way to get assistance from the thePoint customer support executives regarding your issues on the activation procedure of your LWW Product.

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