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The American Heroes Channel also known as AHC TV was commenced in 1998, recognized to be as Discovery Wings Channel and formerly as the Military Channel belongs to be the famous multinational pay-TV Channel that features programs relating to military science and history, military and warfare. Presently, AHC is accessible by over 60M pay television households in the US.

If you desire to watch the content of AHC and possess streaming media players such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireStick, etc then you can easily access this channel on your devices. The only thing you have to do is to activate the AHC TV and then sign in with the cable TV provider.

Read this page till the end to get the idea of ‘How to Activate AHC through ahctv.com/activate’ on various streaming devices.

List of AHC TV Supported Devices:

Below are some of the compatible devices that support AHC TV. It includes:

  • Roku
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox
  • iPhone

Guide on Activate AHC TV on Streaming Devices

Requirements for the activation:

  • An active subscription to the Channel
  • TV Provider
  • Streaming device
  • Good Internet connection

On having the above requirements you can now proceed to the activation procedure of American Heroes Channel to watch all its content offered by Discovery, Inc.

An outline of the American Heroes Channel TV Activation is as follows:

Step1: Firstly, switch ON the streaming device, connect it to a strong internet network and then move to the ‘App Store Channel’ by using the device remotely.

Step2: Next, search for ‘AHC’ TV with the help of the ‘Search’ tab.

Step3: Now, on finding the Channel from the search results, click on ‘Download’ and then ‘Install’ it on your device.

Step4: In the next step, launch the App to receive the activation code. You may be prompted to ‘Sign-In’ with the TV provider.
Make sure to note or copy down the code which appears on your device screen.

Step5: Then, from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, visit the www.ahctv.com/activate page.

Step6: On the activation page, you must enter the unique activation code.

Step7: Finally, hit the ‘Activate’ tab in order to complete the process.

Thus, now your device is all set to cast the content of the AHC TV and you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows on your streaming devices.

Let us look at the activation steps on some of the specific streaming platforms.

How to do AHC TV Activation on Roku

Roku is an extensive popular streaming player in the U.S. It seems the best means to enjoy watching the popular content on the military through the Roku device.

The steps you need to refer to for the activation are as follows:

  • To begin with, first, turn ON the Roku device and then directly move to the ‘Streaming Channels’ section by scrolling it up and down with the help of the Roku remote.
  • Find ‘Roku Channel Store’ from the streaming channel section.
  • Next, find the ‘AHC TV’ application by using the ‘Search’ tab.
  • Once you locate the Channel, select ‘OK’ to get the channel on your Roku device.
  • Return back to the Roku home screen and click to launch the App on completion of the installation.
  • You may require to ‘Sign-In’ with the Cable Provider in order to get the AHC TV activation code. Ensure to note or copy the code.
  • Now, go to the https://www.ahctv.com/activate page from some other device like your laptop, computer or smartphone.
  • Next, when prompted, fill in the unique activation code in the provided box.
  • Lastly, hit the button on ‘Activate’ to complete the procedure.

How to Activate AHC TV on an Apple TV device

Here it is how to activate and stream AHC TV episodes on the Apple TV device:

  1. At first, switch ON the Apple TV device and ensure to have a strong internet network.
  2. Next, go to the App Store tab i.e iOS Store by using the Apple TV remote.
  3. Search for the ‘AHC TV’ app in the Channel Store.
  4. Select ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ the app when you locate the Channel.
  5. If prompted, ‘Sign in with the Apple ID to receive the AHC TV unique code for activation. Make sure to correctly preserve the code that appears on your TV screen.
  6. In the next step, go to http://ahctv.com/activate web link on some different device such as a phone, PC, or laptop.
  7. Now you are required to enter the activation code in the provided field.
  8. Finally, tap the button on ‘Activate’ to finish the AHC TV activation process.

How to activate AHC TV on Amazon Fire TV device

The steps to activate have been stated below:

Step1: In the FireStick TV device, navigate to the ‘Apps Store’ so as to ‘Download’ and further ‘Install’ the app.

Step2: Now, on the App Store section, you can either scroll through the channel list or directly search for the ‘AHC TV’ app by wielding the ‘Search’ option.

Step3: Once you locate the app, select to get the app on the Fire TV device and return back to the Fire TV home screen on completion of the installation.

Step4: Next, launch the Channel from the device’s home screen. The unique activation code will be displayed on the TV screen. They may prompt you to ‘Sign-In’ in order to get the AHC TV unique code.

Step5: On next, visit at American Heroes Channel official activation page through the web browser on the computer, tablet, or phone at www.ahctv.com/activate

Step6: Now, on the page of activation, you must fill in the unique code of activation in the given box.

Step7: Then, tap the button on ‘Activate’ and follow the prompts on your screen to finish the process of activation successfully.


Hence, by simply following the above-mentioned steps you can easily and skillfully activate American Heroes Channel TV at ww.ahctv.com/activate page and thereby can enjoy the stories through the special major documentary. In case, if you still face any issues, then you can ask guidance through accessing the AHC Customer Support Help page.

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