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How to activate iMessage?

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If you want to send and receive the iMessage on Mac or iPhone devices in that case you need to enable iMessages.

After enabling the iMessage the phone number will be linked with the email address you used while creating the Apple ID account. You can send or receive the “blue text bubbles” when you chat with others on Mac.

iMessages can be sent through cellular data or Wi-Fi when you enable the iMessage.

In case the iMessage is not enabled then you will get the messages as SMS or MMS to your phone. Those users who previously enabled will be helpful with the monthly data limits.

If you do not know how to enable the iMessage app on your new iPhone then we will help you to activate it with the Apple ID.

In this blog, we will discuss how to activate the iMessage and facetime on iPhone and Mac, fix the activation error,  how much time it takes to activate, etc.

How to Activate the iMessage on iPhone?

You need to activate the iMessage app on iPhone devices such as iPhone X or XS Max or XR.

Let’s proceed to know the steps to activate the iMessage on different devices of iPhones. Here are the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Settings

    First and foremost, you need to unlock the iPhone and then from the home screen launch the Settings.setting on iphone,

  2. Messages

    In the Setting tab, search for the option “Messages” and click on it.Messages,

  3. iMessage

    Now, you will find the option iMessage at the top of the screen.

  4. enable iMessage

    Check whether the iMessage is enabled or not. If the slider is not green then it means iMessage is not enabled otherwise slide it to the right to enable it.iMessage,

  5. activated

    After completing the above step the app will be activated and thus you can deliver and accept iMessages on your device.

How to activate iMessage on Mac?

  1. Firstly, from the desktop, dock, or Application folder launch the ‘Message’. The app will be set as Default and for logging in you need to use the Apple ID. If this does not happens then type the email address and the password of Apple ID.
  2. From the Menu bar tap on Messages.
  3. Next, tap on Preferences.
  4. Lastly, tap on the iMessage option.
  5. Choose the phone number and email addresses that you want others to reach you.
  6. Select the phone number or email address so that people can start a new conversation.
    iMessage on Mac,

How to fix the activation error of iMessage or FaceTime?

If you wish to send and receive a message from iMessage or FaceTime, the first thing you need to do is activate it on your devices.

While the process of activation is processing you can face errors like:-

  • Waiting for the activation.
  • The process of Activation is unsuccessful.
  • An error occurred while activation.
  • Please check the network connection as you could not sign in.
  • Unable to contact the iMessage server. Try again.

Here are the few instructions to be followed to fix the error:-

Check the Settings of your device

Firstly, you are required to link to Wi-Fi or cellular data. iPhone users need to activate the phone number with FaceTime or iMessage. It totally depends on the carrier you are using for SMS.

Tap the Settings tab and then click the General tab. After that click the Date & Time and check the time zone is set up correctly.

Switch off and Restart the iMessage and FaceTime

Click the Settings tab and then choose Messages and click on iMessage to turn it off.

Similarly, for FaceTime, tap the Settings tab then choose FaceTime to turn off.

Next Restart the devices thus your iMessage and FaceTime are turned on.

How long does it take to activate iMessage?

It might take up a full day to activate the app. If your issue does not resolve then follow the steps below.

The device you are using should be updated with the latest version. You can face an error while activating if you have not updated your device. 

iPhone users need to contact the carrier so that they can send and receive messages. It is also likely to happen that your carrier is not available for wireless carriers then you need to be sure enough to check that you can send and receive International messages.

Hence, this article will help you to activate the iMessage and FaceTime and also fix the activation errors. If you face any difficulty then contact Apple Support for assistance.

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