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Peacock is a newly initiated streaming platform by NBC Universal. It aims to convey a more than 15,000 hours list which includes news, reality shows, sports, movies, television shows, and influential live content.

It includes films from Dreamworks Animation, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, new and classic events from NBC, and many more. It has got over 22M subscribers and is in the state of growing more and more.

So, here in this blog, we shall state the steps on ‘How to Activate Peacock TV’ on your devices in a convenient way.

How to Activate Peacock TV

  • You need to open the web link at from the internet browser.
  • Fill in the ‘Activation Code’ that was provided on the device.
  • Select on ‘Continue’.
  • The applicant will get refreshed on the device and it will let you access to stream on Peacock.
  • Note: You need to get the Peacock TV app on the device and then follow the above-stated steps.

Now let us look at the steps to activate Peacock TV on some of the devices like Roku, Apple TV, and so on.

How to Activate Peacock TV on a Roku device

Here are the steps discussed on Peacock TV Activate on your Roku device:

  1. ‘Download’ Peacock TV:

    At first, you must download the Peacock TV from the Roku Channel Store by selecting the button on ‘Add Channel’.

  2. Launch the App:

    Once the channel is added, launch the Peacock TV App.

  3. Hit on ‘Sign In’:

    Next, hit the tab on Sign In with the login details of your Peacock account.

  4. ‘Code’ will appear:

    The unique activation code will now appear on your TV screen.

  5. Visit the page: 

    Now, you can scan the barcode provided by using your phone or directly visit the page with the help of your computer or smartphone.

  6. Enter ‘Activation Code’:

    In the next step, you are required to enter the unique code in the provided field.

  7. Hit on ‘Activate’:

    Lastly hit the button on ‘Activate’ to complete the process.

How to do Peacock TV Activate on your Apple TV device

The steps are:

  1. Go to Apple TV App Store.
  2. Next search for Peacock TV Channel.
  3. Once you locate it, click on the ‘Install’ tab by wielding the remote of the Apple TV device.
  4. Now, after the channel has been installed, launch the channel.
  5. Then, you must Sign In with the login details of the Peacock account.
  6. Select to activate by using the activation code.
  7. An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.
  8. Go to page through the preferred web browser from the computer or mobile.
  9. In the next step, enter the unique code in the appropriate given box.
  10. Select on ‘Continue’ button to complete the activation steps.

The Peacock Channel App refreshes on the Apple TV device and now you can watch the favorite shows or movies of Peacock on the Apple TV.

How to Activate Peacock on Smart TV

The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, navigate to activate page in the web browser.
  • Then, create an ‘Account’ with the use of the Email ID.
  • Now, verify the account.
  • Once you are done with the verification, ‘Download’ the App of Peacock TV Channel on the device and then stream your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Take note of it that you must have a Peacock account to activate the Peacock TV App on any device.

Wrapping Up:

Thus, to activate the Peacock TV, on any streaming platform or TV, simply download the Peacock TV App and then Sign In with the Peacock Account credentials. Once you are signed in, select to activate the channel by using the unique activation code. Then, move to activate code page from your computer or phone and fill in the activation code. Hit the ‘Continue’ tab to complete the process successfully.

Hope the above-mentioned steps will be helpful and guide you in the Peacock TV activation procedure and you can enjoy watching the contents of Peacock Channel on your device.

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