SunTrust Activate

SunTrust Activate

Activation Number: +1-803-380-4501

SunTrust Bank is one of the famous bank firms that is recognised for operating and holding over 1400 bank sectors and more than 2100 ATM’s over the states of America.

The fundamental work of a bank constitutes deposits, lending, trust, investment services and credit and debit cards.

So if you had newly got the SunTrust Card from the SunTrust bank then you can employ it to make any offline or online purchase and for the payments. But before you wield the SunTrust debit card you must activate SunTrust card through the page.

In this page we will describe the methods along with the steps on SunTrust activate card process to get activate SunTrust gift card and debit card. We request you to read this page till the end.

What are the requirements for SunTrust to activate the Card?

Before moving to the steps to activate SunTrust debit card, you need to keep the following details ready for comfort at the SunTrust activate new debit card process.

  • A SunTrust Bank online account
  • User ID and password of the online account on SunTrust
  • The details of the card
  • Personal Information and details.

How to activate my SunTrust Debit Card

There are two methods for SunTrust Activate my card.

  1. Activate SunTrust Card via Online
  2. Activate SunTrust Card through the Phone.

Let us look into these methods in detail below.

1. How to Activate SunTrust Debit Card Online

The steps that you need to perform for SunTrust activate card Online are as follows:

  1. Go to

    To start with, first go to the website at slash activatemycard page through the preferred browser on the Phone, PC or tablet. Now you will be taken to the activate SunTrust business debit card page.

  2. Enter the required details:

    Now, in the activation page you need to enter some of the required credentials such as the Security Code, PIN Code and other related details. So fill the information that are needed in the field provided on the screen and click on ‘Confirm’ to proceed further.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions:

    Then, you must follow the instructions that are prompted on-screen to complete the process on activate your card SunTrust.
    Once you are done with performing the instructions prompted on-screen, then the process to activate the SunTrust debit card online will be accomplished and you can further use the card for any purchases and payment-related stuff.

2. How to activate my SunTrust Card over the Phone

Even by performing the method mentioned above you can easily go for SunTrust activate card, yet if you are not able to do so by the above steps then you can follow the below steps on using the phone number to activate SunTrust debit card.

Here are the steps to follow in order to activate SunTrust card over the Phone:

  • Dial at SunTrust activate card Phone Number:
    With your phone, call the activation number of SunTrust.
  • Call to 866 432 2276:
    Now, dial the given number for activate SunTrust debit card number.
  • Follow the on-call prompts:
    Once connected to the helpline number you must make sure to follow the instructions that the prompted on-call.
  • Provide the card details to confirm the identity: 
    When on call, you need to keep the information and details of the card ready as you need to provide it to the rep in order to confirm your identity as the owner of the debit card.
    On completion of the prompts on-call, then the procedure to activate SunTrust by phone will be attained and you can employ the card for making the desired payments and purchases.

Final Say:

SunTrust Customer Support Service:

It is seen that, the two methods described above will surely accomplish on SunTrust activate card. Still, if you are not able to do so or need any guidance considering any of the SunTrust services then you can simply make a contact to the SunTrust customer service team by following the below information:

  • At first, visit the SunTrust official website @ through the preferred internet browsing site on the computer or mobile device.
  • Next, scroll down the SunTrust Bank home page to find the ‘Customer Support’ section.
  • Then select the ‘Help Center’ option under the Support tab.
  • On this page, all kinds of options related to SunTrust banking services will be available for you to get immediate guidance for any concerns and queries.

Thus, we hope that now you have learnt and has an idea on how to activate SunTrust Card via the where you can skillfully and effortlessly activate the SunTrust debit card by simply following any of the methods that has been stated above.

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