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Want to know ‘How to activate Pop TV’ to stream your favorite movies, Live TV, Shows, etc then you have stopped on the right page. You can access its contents by simply subscribing to the Pop TV and then activating it on your streaming media platform by using poptv.com/activate. The process is straightforward and quite simple and it does not require any technical knowledge unless you face any issues while doing so.

Through this blog, we will guide you on ‘Pop TV Activate’ steps and advise you to meticulously follow the process.

Activate Pop TV

Today, on facing restricted access for the outside environment especially for Covid-19, individuals are constrained to reside indoors, and thereby people are going nuts as no options seem adequate to divert themselves.

But Pop TV can help you out from this dilemma. It is a popular crucial Pay-TV Channel in America. The service has been controlled by Viacom CBS and delivers programs primarily on popular culture.

So you just need to get the entertainment bundle, visit its official link at http://poptv.com/activate page in order to enter the activation code and thus activate the Pop TV Channel App on the streaming devices.

How to activate Pop TV  on Roku at poptv.com/activate/roku

In order to activate on Roku the step that you need to follow are as follows:

  1. Turn ‘ON’ Roku and move to ‘Channel Store’:

    Firstly, turn ON the Roku device and by using the remote move to the section of the Roku Channel Store.

  2. Search ‘Pop TV’:

    Next, search the Pop TV Channel app with the help of the search tab.

  3. Click on ‘Add Channel’:

    Once you locate the channel, click on the Add Channel button to get the app on the device.

  4. Launch the ‘Channel’ app:

    Now, you must launch the Pop TV Channel in order to receive the unique activation code on the screen of your device.

  5. Visit at https://www.poptv.com/activate/roku page:

    Next, make sure to note the code and visit the web link of Pop TV on your computer or smartphone.

  6. Fill the ‘Code’:

    In this step, you will be prompted to enter the activation code in the given field.

  7. Tap on ‘Activate’:

    At last, tap the button on Activate to complete the activation process. And now your device is ready and it will allow you to access the content of Pop TV and enjoy streaming on Roku device.

How to perform Pop TV activation on Apple Device

The steps to follow the activation process has been stated below:

  • Switch ‘ON’ Apple device:
    To begin with, first switch on your Apple device.
  • Navigate to ‘Apple Store’:
    Then, directly navigate to the section of the Apple Store.
  • Locate ‘Pop TV’:
    Next, by using the search tab, locate the Pop TV Channel App.
  • Click on ‘Install’ option:
    Once you locate the app, click the option on Install to get the app on the device.
  • Open the application:
    On completion of the installation, you need to open the Pop TV channel app from the home screen.
  • ‘Sign In’ to get the ‘Activation Code’:
    Next, you may be prompted to Sign In  to the account on POP and get the activation code.
  • Go to https://www.poptv.com/activate:
    Now, go to the above link on the activation page from your desired web browser through your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Type the ‘Unique Activation Code’:
    In this page you need to type the unique code in the provided box.
  • Hit on ‘Activate’:
    Lastly, hit the button on Activate so as to finish the activation process.

Pop TV: How to activate on Android device

Here are the points needed to follow step by step to activate Pop TV App on the Android device are:

  1. Turn ‘On’ and move to ‘Play Store’:
    In the first step, turn On the Android device and then move to its Play Store.
  2. Find the app:
    Now, in the search field, find the Pop TV Channel App to get it on the device.
  3. Click on ‘Install’:
    When you find the app, click the Install button to have the Channel on your Android device.
  4. Launch the application:
    Next, after the installation, launch the app and log in to the Pop TV account with the required credentials to receive the unique activation code on the screen of the device.
  5. Go to www.poptv.com/activate page:
    To proceed further, go to the link above from some different devices like your smartphone or computer.
  6. Enter the ‘Activation Code’:
    Then, enter the unique code in the given box.
  7. Select on ‘Activate’ tab:
    At last, select the tab on Activate to finish the process on Pop TV activation.


Thus, the procedure on Pop TV Channel activation on other streaming platforms are somewhat similar to each other. So depending on the device you are using, the task needs to be accomplished carefully through the Pop TV web link http://www.poptv.com/activate page.

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