MyCigna Activate

MyCigna Activate

Activation Number: +1-803-380-4501

In earlier days, you needed to travel far to get a doctor but today we get our health checkups through mobile devices.

You will find many apps that manage health and so is the Mycigna app. We will talk about the app activation via

Cigna is an organization that monitors your health conditions. It is situated in the United States of Connecticut.

Here is the list of providers:

  • clinical,
  • dental,
  • powerlessness,
  • life and disaster insurance 
  • related things and organizations.

Majority of which are given by different social institutions and managers.

During the pandemic, your health might deteriorate and if you have the app installed on your Android or iOS devices then you can easily contact a doctor.

This app includes the following things:

  • You can search for insurance claims.
  • Get a doctor.
  • Monitor your health issues.

It’s an entirely different universe of online assistance.

“Cigna” is an enlisted registered mark and the logo”Tree of Life” is a mark of service of Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc., authorized for use by Cigna Corporation and also the subsidiaries that are operating.

All the items are regulated by those subsidiaries including General Life Insurance Company of Connecticut and Life Insurance Company and Cigna Health.

Benefits Of MyCigna

Before installing the app you need to know what are the benefits you can gain from it:

Health and Wellbeing:-

  • When you sign up you need to go through the penal of questions so that your health can be tracked. You can also get the recommendations according to your health needs.
  • A medical library will be accessible once you register into the account. Also have information regarding first aid, health issues, medical examination, wellness, etc.
  • Your medical history needs to store so that it is possible for you to track the medication, procedures, allergies, or contacts if required instantly.

Estimate of Cost:

  • You can track your expenses or assess the cost in your locality so that you can be prepared practically.
  • You can also compare hospitals regarding cost and number of procedures conducted, time taken by a patient to recover, etc.
  • You need to compare the prices of the medicines of a pharmacy between others and Cigna Pharmacy.

Administrative Services:

  • You can manage as well as track your claims. You need to search and then track the claims and the balances available on your account.
  •  You can reorder your prescription medicines and within 3 months the package will be delivered.

How to register on the MyCigna app?

After learning about the MyCigna app you might be eager to activate it.
So below are the steps to register for an account:

  1. Visit the website of Mycigna:

    Firstly, from a browser click the link to open.

  2. Choose the Register tab:

    Next, you need to choose the “Register” option.

  3. Type the details:

    In the Register section, enter your details such as name, address, and birth date.

  4. Verify the identity:

    Provide the Cigna ID and Social Security number and answer the security questions to verify your account.

  5. Type the username and password:

    You need to create a unique username and password.

  6. Review:

    Make sure to review the account.

  7. Submit:

    After confirming the account and reviewing it, you can now click the Submit tab.

You can now log in to Cigna.

How To Activate The MyCigna Card?

If you wish to claim insurance then you need to activate the App.

 The following steps need to be followed:-

  1. You will be asked to sign at the backside of your card.
  2. Activate the CIGNA Choice Fund check card.
  3. Choose the Unique PIN.
  4. In order to activate the card you need to reach the customer executive team at and call US at 1-855-654-1777 
  5. The generated code will be the SSN last 4-digit of the cardholder.
  6. Now, tick the empty box acknowledging that you are going to follow the terms and policies.

Thus, your card will be activated and you can use it for tracking and managing your health and also find a doctor at the time of need.

Mycigna active&fit direct

If you want to be active and fit you can register in the active and fit program just by clicking on

  1. An expense of $25 will be the enrollment fee of American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc.
  2. $25 enrollment fee for a recent month.
  3. For next month including taxes, $25 will be charged during enrollment.
  4. This app also offers a discount code  “OmadaCigna ” which you need to apply at the payment page at the Active and Fit Direct™.
  5. The charge of $25 will be waived.
  6. The fee will remain the same every month including the taxes.
  7. After using the app for 3-month then billing will be month to month.
  8. You can now take the card printout.
  9. The Active and fit Direct network will confirm your enrollment and then sign a standard agreement for membership.
  10. Once done you will get a card which you can carry over each time you enter the fitness center.


Hence, this guide will help you to activate the wellbeing app. If you have more queries and reach the number mentioned above.

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