IDGO Activate

IDGO Activate

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Investigation Discovery, also known as ‘ID’ was launched by Discovery Inc. under the title Discovery Civilisation Network- The World History and Geography Channel in the year 1996. At present, over 73.9% of American homes have accessed the Investigation Discovery Channel.

So if you are interested in subscribing to IDGO Channel then you must activate it through the page on the digital media player.

In this article, we shall discuss ‘How to activate IDGO’ through its official website: step by step.

List of Streaming Devices and Popular Shows at IDGO

If you possess any of these devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and the Samsung TV you can activate the IDGO App and then start streaming your favorite programs like Disappeared, American Monster, Homicide Hunter, Stalked Someone’s watching, Deadly Women, Evil Lives Here, See No Evil and many more.

So if you are wondering about ‘IEGO Activate’ on your device then be sure that you are wielding any of the above-stated compatible devices and simply follow the methods step by step to stream the channel on your device.

How to perform IDGO Roku Activate by using

To activate IDGO on Roku you need to have an account on Roku. The steps that are required to activate on Roku device are as follows:

  1. To start with, switch ON the Roku device, and with the use of a remote navigate to its ‘Home Screen’.
  2. Then, click on ‘Streaming Channels’ and then move to Roku Channel Store. 
  3. Now, search for ‘Investigation Discovery Go (IDGO) Channel App in the search field.
  4. In the next step, click on ‘+ Add Channel’ so as to get the App on your Roku device.
  5. Next, launch the IDGO channel on Roku. Enter the required Sign In credentials in order to log in to the Roku account.
  6. An activation code will be displayed on your screen. Make sure to note down or copy the code for further process.
  7. On next, visit at page from some different device like your computer or phone.
  8. Then enter the provided unique activation code in the given field.
  9. At last, tap on the ‘Activate’ button.

A congratulations text will appear on the screen and thus by using the link you can easily activate IDGO on your Roku device and it is now ready for you to watch its amazing shows.

How to perform IDGO Activate through https://idgo/activate on Apple TV Device

In order to stream IDGO contents on your Apple TV, perform the steps stated below:

Step1: Firstly, turn ON the Apple device.

Step2: Then, move to its ‘App Store’ section.

Step3: In the next step, look for IDGO Channel App with the help of the Search option.

Step4: Once you find the application, click to ‘Download’ and then ‘Install’ it on your Apple device.

Step5: On completion of the installation, launch the IDGO app.

Step6: Now, you will be prompted to Sign In on the Investigation Discovery Go page.

Step7: Next, by using the login details, sign in to the IDGO Account.

Step8: An activation code will appear on the screen which you need to copy or note down.

Step9: Then, from the preferred web browser go to on some other devices like your computer or smartphone.

Step10: Fill in the unique activation code on the provided field to activate IDGO Channel on your device.

Step11: Lastly, hit the button on ‘Activate’ to complete the activation process of the IDGO App on your Apple TV device.

How to Activate Investigation Discovery Go through www. on Android TV

To activate IDGO at http://idgo/activate on your Android device the steps you need to follow are:

  • In the first step, switch ‘ON’ the Android TV.
  • Then, directly navigate to ‘Google Play Store.
  • Locate ‘IDGO Channel’ App by using the Search option.
  • On finding the app, click to ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ it on the Android TV.
  • Now, launch the IDGO Channel on your device.
  • Next, you may be prompted to Sign In to the IDGO account with the required credentials i.e Username and Password.
  • A unique activation code will be displayed on the screen, make sure to note or copy it carefully.
  • From the web browser of your computer or phone go to the page.
  • Then, enter the provided unique code in the given box.
  • To complete the step, tap the button on ‘Activate’ and your device is now ready to watch your favorite IDGO shows.

How to perform activate IDGO on FireStick device by using www.

Here are the steps, to activate Investigation Discovery Go Channel App through idgo.combackslashactivate:

Step1: At first, turn ‘ON’ the Amazon Fire Stick TV.

Step2: Next move to the ‘Amazon App Store’ section.

Step3: Find the ‘IDGO’ App, by entering the name of the Channel in the search tab.

Step4: Once you locate, ‘Download’ the App on the device.

Step5: In the next step, launch the channel on your Amazon Fire Stick device and Sign In with the required credentials.

Step6: An unique activation code will appear on the screen.

Step7: From your phone or computer, visit at page on the preferred web browser.

Step8: Now, enter the provided unique activation code in the appropriate box.

Step9: Lastly, select the button on ‘Activate’ to complete the activation process.

Hope this guide will be helpful for you through the overall activation process.

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