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CuriosityStream is one of the well-known authentic media as well as an entertainment firm that offers video programs and activities to develop Curiosity like TV shows, short video content, and documentaries to its subscribers.

Today, it has over 13M users all over the world. So if you get access to this service and also use the streaming devices such as Apple TV or Roku, then you can stream the contents of CuriosityStream on your devices by simply installing the application and activating the CuriosityStream activate by entering the unique code via curiosity. tv/activate.

Here in this article, we shall learn about ‘Is Curiosity still active? If Yes, then how to do so.’

Devices that support CuriosityStream

CuriosityStream supporting devices play an important part if you want to watch and enjoy each of the features that are offered by CuriosityStream.

The devices supporting CuriosityStream comprise streaming platforms, smartphones, Chromecast, smart TVs, etc.

Namely: Amazon FireStick, Android TV, Android, Kindle, Roku, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, and TiVo.

Let us discuss the steps on CuriosityStream Activate on on Roku and Apple TV devices.

How to perform CuriosityStream activate for Apple TV device

  1. ‘Turn On’ Apple TV
    Firstly, turn ON the Apple TV device and check to have a good internet connection.
  2. Navigate to ‘App Store’:
    Then, from the Apple TV home screen, directly navigate to your App Store section.
  3. Locate ‘CuriosityStream’ app:
    Next, in the App Store, look for the application on CuriosityStream either through the ‘Search’ tab or finding it through the listed categories.
  4. Select on CuriosityStream for the preview screen:
    Once you locate the app, select it to get the preview screen to move further.
  5. Click on the ‘Install’ button:
    Next, in the preview sheet, click the button on Install on the Apple TV.
  6. Launch the App:
    After the installation of the App on your Apple TV device, you need to return to the Apple TV home screen and launch the application on it.
  7. An activation code will appear on the screen:
    Now on launching the application on CuriosityStream on the device, an activation code will be displayed on the screen. You may be prompted to Sign In to the app before you receive the code for activation.
  8. Visit at
    In the next step, go to the activation page by using this URL through the preferred web browser on the computer, phone, or tablet.
  9. Enter the Code:
    Next, fill in the activation code in the given box that was provided to you.
  10. Click on ‘Continue’:
    Then, click the Continue tab, and lastly, make sure to follow the prompts that appear on-screen to finish the process of activation of the Curiosity activities on your Apple TV device.

How to activate CuriosityStream by using curiosity. tv/activate on Roku

Roku belongs to one of the supporting devices for watching CuriosityStream. So the steps that you need to follow in order to activate the channel on your device have been stated below:

  1. ‘Turn On’ Roku device:

    First, to begin, turn the Roku device ON and ensure to have it get connected to the TV.

  2. Tap on the ‘Home’ button:

    Next, by using the Roku remote, tap the button on Home to move to its Home Screen.

  3. Click on ‘Roku Channel Store’ and next hit the ‘Streaming Channel’ tab:

    Now, click the section on Roku Channel Store, and from there hit the tab on Streaming Channel.

  4. Search for ‘CuriosityStream’ application:

    Then, by browsing the listed Apps or using the Search option, find the app on CuriosityStream.

  5. Add the ‘CuriosityStream app:

    Next, on locating the app, add it to the Roku device.

  6. ‘Launch the Application’:

    Once the app gets installed, launch it on your device and then an activation code will appear on the TV screen.

  7. Go to

    In the next step, through your phone or computer go to the above-mentioned URL.

  8. Enter the unique code:

    Now, on the activation page, you must enter the unique activation code in the provided field.

  9. Hit on the ‘Continue’ option:

    Lastly, hit the button on Continue to complete the activation procedure.

Thus, now you can go to the Roku device in order to stream your favorite CuriosityStream content in it.

CuriosityStream Original Documentary Videos, features, and Series

CuriosityStream never lets you run short of any content whether you desire to go for ancient civilizations or you want to explore your planet. It always aims to add new fascinating series and videos every week.

And to experience this, you just need to subscribe to CuriosityStream, download the application channel, install it, and then activate the app on your desired streaming devices that support it by using the URL page on curiosity. tv/activate.

Just browse through the pool of categories listed such as Science, History, Society, Kids, Adults, Lifestyle, Nature, Technology, etc.

  • Curiosity activities for kids:
    History, STEAM, Space Exploration, Dinosaurs, Nature and Current Events.
  • Activities to develop Curiosity in adults such as:
    Science: Space, Physics, Mind, Genetics, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Geology, and Evolution

Society: Social Issues, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Democracy, Politics, Business and Commerce, etc.

Nature: Natural habits, Earth, Birds, Animals, Insects, Prehistoric Creatures, etc.

Lifestyle: Home Projects, Food, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Creativity, Travel and Health & Wellness Technology, History, and many more.

Therefore, we hope this guide will be helpful to you to activate CuriosityStream on the supporting device that is used by you to stream and enjoy all your favorite videos and series.

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