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A&E is a channel where you can enjoy non-fiction which includes crimes, web series, and reality shows. People in the USA have accessed the services from this channel since 2015.

Users if they want to avail of the channel on their devices then sign up to an A&E account and activate it. There are different devices but in this blog, we have summed up a few of the streaming platforms including the steps to activate the channel on it.

The list goes on like this:-

  • Roku
  • Fire Stick
  • Xfinity
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TV etc.

If you are a new user you might not create a profile so below are the steps to help you:

  • First of all, choose the device where you want the channel to be activated.
  • Next, click the sync button and type the activation code and then tap the continue tab.
  • Your profile is now created.

How to activate using the link Authorize?

We will guide the members so that they can go through the instructions and easily activate the AETV channels. You also need to check whether the channel has permission to access it on your devices otherwise the activation process will not execute. If constantly trying you were not able to activate then contact the experts for assistance. The toll-Free number will be available on the webpage.

Let’s move further to learn the steps to activate the AETV channel on different devices through URL

Guide to activate the A&E TV on Roku

Here are the steps to be followed to activate the channel:

  1. You need to install the A&E TV app on your mobile or pc.
  2. Next, proceed to login into the Roku account.
  3. Now open the Roku device and go to the store and Search the A&E channel.
  4. The next step, add the channel and proceed with the installation process.
  5. Then log in to the account using the credentials and thus A&E sign-in step is completed.
  6. Enter the code on the activation page by clicking the URL
  7. Now, sync  A&E TV with the Roku device.

You can start streaming on A&E TV.

How to activate A&E TV on Apple TV using Apple TV?

The following are the steps to be followed:

  1. Check the device you are using is updated or the latest version.
  2. Power on the Apple device with a stable internet connection.
  3. Go to the home screen, and click on the App Store.
  4. In the search bar type A&E TV and then tap the Search tab.
  5. Select the channel aetv from the list that appeared.
  6. Now you need to install the A&E TV and once complete launch the app.
  7. When you tap the launch tab you will be required to sign and receive an activation code.
  8. Now go to the activation page by clicking URL – from the web browser.
  9. You will be directed to the activation page.
  10. Here you need to select the TV Provider which is Apple TV. 
  11. Next enter the activation code and tap the Continue button.
  12. Lastly, go through the on-screen instructions and complete the activation process.

What are the steps involved to activate A&E TV on the page for Amazon Fire TV?

Steps need to be followed:

  1. In the first case always remember to turn on your device.
  2. Next, press the home key to land on the Amazon Fire TV home screen.
  3. Now choose the Apps tab from the menu section.
  4. A list of apps will pop up select A&E TV and proceed to install it.
  5. Tap the Preview menu and choose the tab ‘Open’ or launch the app.
  6. Once the app opens up an activation code will display on your screen. Just take note of it.
  7. Sometimes you may be asked to log in, in that case, enter the credentials correctly otherwise the activation will not work.
  8. Next, tap the link from a different browser.
  9. Tap the ‘Other’ tab on the activation page.
  10. Next, you need to choose the TV Provider.
  11. After that type the activation code on the given space.
  12. Click on the Continue button.
  13. Follow the instructions as shown on your display screen.

Once done you can now able to access the A&E TV on Amazon Fire TV.

Activate A&E TV through the URL on Comcast

Comcast is a service provider that is linked with Xfinity.

The following steps are involved to complete the activation process:

  1. You will need to use a browser and type in the search URL
  2. By clicking the link you will be taken to the home page of Comcast where you are required to sign in to the account.
  3. Next, go to the channel and provide authorization.
  4. Now, type the user id and the Password id in the required fields and tap the login tab.
  5. Once logged in, using the link you will get an activation code.
  6. Type the code and click on the ‘Enter Code’ button.
  7. The confirmation message that the activation process is successfully completed will pop up on your screen.

Activate AETV on Samsung TV via on Samsung tv

The steps need to be followed:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Now using the remote click on the “Smart Hub” button.
  3. Proceed to the Apps and search for the app.
  4. Choose A&E TV and tap the Download tab.
  5. After you launch the app you will get an activation code.
  6. Use a web browser from a different device and visit  “”.
  7. Choose “Other” and enter the activation code you received.
  8. After that tap the Continue tab.
  9. I asked you will need to sign into the A&E account.

Now enjoy streaming your favorite shows on Comcast.

If the activation code you entered is not working then do the following:

  • The activation process is not completed because you choose an incorrect link for activation. So always be sure that you choose the correct link to activate the A&E TV.
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