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  • Total Wireless is a prominent low-cost phone service that is inhabited by TracFone.
  • It assists you to bring the bill to half when pertained to the different service providers.
  • Total Wireless is evaluated as the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that mainly confides in the Verizon’s tower to assist its customers fto its same level of its network coverage with just a portion of the real amount.

So if you bought a Total Wireless commodity such as Phone, devices, hotspot, etc then the first thing you need to do in order to wield the product is to activate the device at the page.

To learn the steps you must read this page below in order to learn ‘How to activate Total Wireless product through

Activate Total Wireless Product

The steps to be performed are as follows:

  • At first, visit the Total Wireless activation page at page through your desired web browser and on the computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Next, on the page of activation you will need to fill the unique activation code in the given field.
  • When you enter the code, click the button on ‘Activate’.
  • Now, you just need to follow the prompts on-screen in order to finish the activation procedure for the Total Wireless product to use it.
  • Once completing the steps now you are all set to use the Total Wireless product for the basis you bought the service.

If in case you find it difficult to activate the Total Wireless product through the above steps, then follow the instructions stated below to complete the activation process.

How to Activate Total Wireless Now

Step1: Firstly, visit the Total Wireless homepage at on the phone, computer, or another device as preferred by you.

Step2: Now, hit the option on ‘Activate’ which is situated at the top section on the homepage.

Step3: On clicking the Activate tab, you will be provided with three choices on the screen:

  • Total Wireless Phone device
  • Bring the device
  • Hotspot (Total Wireless)

Step4: Now, as per the product type you have on Total Wireless, click on the proper choice available.

Step5: In case, you want to activate your Phone ( phone page), then you must select the option on ‘Total Wireless Phone’ by clicking on the ‘Continue’ tab that is provided to you.

Step6: In case to activate the device, click on the ‘Bring your device’ tab by selecting the button on ‘Continue’ stated there.

Step7: If you want to activate the Hotspot product, then choose the tab on ‘Total Wireless Hotspot’ by clicking the ‘Continue’ option.

Step8: On selecting any of the options, then it will direct you to the following page where you must enter some of your required details.

Step9: On entering the required credentials, now you must enter the code of activation in the given box and then follow the step ahead.

Step10: Finally, follow the prompts on-screen in order to complete the procedure of activation of the Total Wireless product.

Thus, by following the steps above you can activate your Total Wireless Phone at the phones activate the page.

How to Contact Total Wireless Customer Support

Still, if you face a problem activating the Total Wireless product through the above steps you can get guidance from the Total Wireless customer service.

The steps to contact the Customer Support service are as follows:

Step1: At first, go to Total Wireless homepage at through the web browser on the computer, tablet, or phone

Step2: On the homepage, click the ‘Help’ tab which is situated at the top section. It will prompt you to its next screen.

Step3: On this page, you will get the various options for assistance like the FAQs and Contact Us option so as to contact the Total Wireless customer service team for any assistance.

Hence, by simply following the steps you can explore the immediate guidance for your issues from the Total Wireless Customer Service.

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